The Greats Family Salon In Warrington Town


 Kiddy Candy Salon

We are specialist in mens and children's hairdressing

With a family of our own we wanted to create a child friendly hair salon where parents would feel at ease and children safe we have put a lot of love and imagination into the making of the salon.

Already a hit with out children we hope yours will love it just as much.

Welcome to  Kiddy Candy Salon

It’s a wonderland for children to have fun while getting an amazing haircut with one of our highly-experienced hairstylists who specialize in haircuts for children. 

They get to ride in custom haircut chairs, such as an motorcycle, Ferrari, classic Rolls-Royce . with special Disney LCD TV just for kids and much more..

Our Salon is beautifully decorated, and specially designed for children we invite you to take your own photos and capture your most precious memories.
We also have beautiful custom-Spa chairs for mini nail painting for a special treat for your little ones.

  • Baby's First Haircut package includes a certificate, memory keepsake bag for a lock of your babys hair and a picture.

As a parent only you can decide when it's time for your baby's first haircut. This haircut is more than just cutting of the hair. It's a picture moment for the baby book, and a passage from infant to toddler. It can be traumatic on you as a mother, and you may shed a few tears as your watch your precious baby's transformation into a child. You may even delay the first haircut to keep your child a baby just a little bit longer.

 The first haircut will be the first of many during your child's life. You want to make sure it's a great experience for your child and you, as a parent. Cutting children's hair is different than adults, because you need someone with patience, and experience with children. So, take your child to a place that's set up for children, like .K.C.S.

 Great for entertain our clients and give them the best experience possible when visiting.