The Greats Family Salon In Warrington Town

                                              About Us

Welcome To Kiddy Candy Salon 

                             We are specialist in children's & mens hairdressing Based in Warrington                             

We would like to invite you on a unique experience at  Kiddy Candy Salon Our unique venue is where hairdressing becomes fun. K.C.S was created with a lot of love and imagination. It’s a wonderland for children to have fun whilst getting an amazing haircut with one of our highly-experienced hairstylists who specialize in haircuts for children. They get to ride in custom haircut chairs, such as a motorcycle, Ferrari, classic Rolls-Royce or a Noddy airplane. With special Disney LCD TV just for kids and much more... We not only specialize in children’s haircuts but offer a enjoyable experience where your little ones to teens can enjoy their time in our magical candy land themed salon. We understand that it can be difficult having a child's haircut. Our concept was to create a salon purely dedicated to children and their needs. Our aim is to take the stress out of the experience and to capture the imagination of every child so that they no longer fear it but love and look forward to the next visit. We have, specially designed children's chair, animal character TV screens, Dvd’s , games station, tabs.  Great for entertain our clients and give them the best experience possible when visiting.